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Many asked: What got you started writing a book?
Answer: Relaying the story of someone I knew. The Promise I & II has the answer to many questions. Written to bring peace to the lives of those who knew them.

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If there is one thing you want from the very core of your heart, what would it be?

Can you make a promise that holds no bounds to get it?


"The Promise" is a heartwarming story about love, faith, and selflessness between an intelligence man and a humanitarian woman. Their journey started from a wishful prayer that was answered. Find out what sacrifices were made to survive the challenges of what it takes to help many and how to serve a country. Find out what it takes to live a life of promise and how God can protect you when you follow his instructions.

This story was published as an example to show others that writing only needs focus and passion towards the topic. Your brain has all the details. As your hands touch the pen and glides on paper, the brain begins to download the information allowing you to remember things that was long forgotten. Your brain will signal the heart allowing you to feel the memory causing energy that helps you write your thoughts with feelings. Focus on that moment.

Writing on paper is more effective than typing because certain brain signals needed cannot be achieved by typing. Allow your entire being to live and feel the story you are writing so you can relate to how the readers feel about your story. Before you know it, the story is done. Make time for this. If you are distracted, play your choice of writing meditation the author created to help you write.

Writing is an amazing journey everyone deserve to experience. Give yourself that chance. Stop thinking its only meant for special people. Each one can produce a story in their own special way. If the author can do it, so can you.  

The Promise Notebook has the format you need to get things done. Just be you and write the details. We have a team of editors and designers that will help edit grammar, fix formatting, design cover, create animation, and publish your book.

Publishing is not free. The process takes at least two months. To make it possible to the general public, the Author made a deal with publisher so that cost of publishing is affordable. If you have not heard about this at your local community center, have them contact the Author for assistance.

If you need to talk to the Author for guidance, send a message. She responds within 24 hours. You can also join the crowd when she speaks to local community centers. We currently have growing writers in the community. Some are ready and submitting their books for publications while others are focusing on finishing their story. The Author has not seen so many face light up when they started doing this. Give yourself that chance. If they can do it, so can you.

For now books edits are in English or in Spanish. We have not yet received confirmation that other languages are accepted for edits but you can contact the Author and she will check if your choice of language is possible.

Enjoy the journey! We are looking forward to reading your story.