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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't like the printed version?
In today's modern world where many are used to technology, it is not unusual to prefer digital version over paper format. However, the moving backward process helps the mind and heart heal faster. The Kindle Scribe Write Only option is available if you prefer the digital format. You can write an email to yourself directly. If you later decide to share the story, you can email a copy to the publisher. 


Can I type it?
You can if you are simply creating a story that does not involve the pain you are dealing with. If the story is about something personal, you will deprive yourself of healing sooner if you do not follow the writing process. The handwriting method is part of the healing process.


What if I don't like to share the story?
That's ok. You can write for yourself and keep it to yourself. The publication option is available only for those who want to share the story to inspire others. Sharing is an option, not a requirement.


I'm too busy. I'll never finish it.
If you make the time, even 10 minutes daily can make a difference in completing the story. 


How can I finish writing the story faster?
To some, writing in times of pain helps them write faster because they are in the moment, focusing and pouring the information. Focus is an effective method for faster healing. Grief recovery can be two months instead of years. 


Will I be strong enough to share the story?
To be ready to share, you must first write to heal. That way, when you start sharing, you can speak about it without falling apart. 


Is Writer's Block possible for me?
Yes. Sometimes, your body and mind will refuse to download information. Do not force it. Allow your mind and body to restart by doing something else. When ready, continue writing. 


What if I dislike using my real name as the author?
You can create a different name as your author name. This information is between you and the publisher.


Do I have to reveal the true names of the people in the story?
It is highly recommended that you do not reveal the true names of the individuals in the story for privacy unless they authorize you to do so in writing. 


What if the story is sensitive?
Talk to the publisher about how to create sensitive stories. There are ethical rules that must be followed. 


Is printed format a requirement?
No. The printed format is an option for faster healing. If you are uncomfortable with the printed format, use the digital version. In all versions, handwriting is a requirement because it is part of the healing process. It also helps you download the information from your brain like a computer downloading to a USB. Details you have forgotten will be revealed, allowing you to see things you missed.


What if I have a grammatical issue?
Use Grammarly (free). The editor will help fix other grammatical issues to make it publish-ready. All they need are the details. You will need to make the time to communicate with the publisher as part of the process.


I am not a writer and have never written a book before. Can I still write the story?
Of course. This program is made available to allow anyone to write the story. The author has the editor to help you. They can be contacted from this website directly. 


Who will see my story before publication?
The story is between you and the publisher. The owner of this website or the author does not see any of it. All questions about your story must be directed to the publisher. 


Why go through this website?
Getting anything published can be problematic. Some lose money, get frustrating experiences, or worse, lose the story and the money. To give you a better experience, the author arranged with a credible publisher who will edit and publish your story globally without costing a lot. If your story is selected by the local movie production group, you will have the opportunity to turn your story into a movie. 


Who are the local production group?
These are locals from Stockton, California, with a track record of producing films that are taken by well-known companies. Actors and Actresses are locals. They produce films at low cost but always manage to gain recognition. They want to make this town great from their effort, so we support their cause. 


What if I don't want a local production group?
There are production groups from larger organizations, but they cost more. We can refer you to them. They are not part of the annual movie selection group.


Can I make money from the sale of the books?
Only if you purchase the printed version direct from the author. Digital versions are not available for commission.


I'm a Nonprofit. Can we raise funds using these books?
Yes, but only if you buy the printed version direct from the author. 


Is shipping free?
Yes, if you live in the United States. Shipping outside the country is an additional fee. 


Will you speak in our community?
The author can speak locally in your community if you live in Stockton, CA. Anything outside of this area is by request and virtual. 


What if I have a question that is not posted here?
Contact the author to obtain answers to any other questions you may have. 


What if I want to raise funds for a good cause?
Contact the author to obtain a partnership to raise funds for your cause. Permit information is required before the arrangement can be finalized.


I live outside the United States but would like to sell the books. Is that possible?
Yes. Contact the author for arrangement. 


An individual is trying to sell your books. How can I confirm he/she is legitimate?
Contact the author with the individual's name. We currently have one (1) individual in California authorized to do this. 


I do not see the book on Kindle Scribe Write only.
All publications that require handwriting are in the process of being released to this version by Amazon. If the book you are interested in is not there, please check again in a few weeks. 


Will my handwritten notes go away on Kindle Scribe Write Only?
Only if you delete it yourself. All handwritten notes are meant to stay in your Amazon account.


I wrote my story in the printed format and sent it to the publisher. Will I get it back?
Absolutely! The publisher will mail the completed book back to you once they finish edits.


I don't want to mail the completed print form to the publisher. What alternative do I have?
Scan the completed book and email it to the publisher. Make sure all pages are readable. 


If my story gets selected for a movie, will I make money?
If your story is selected by our movie production partner, you become part of the movie production team and will have a share of the profit. Details are discussed directly with the movie production group who will get into an official agreement with you. 


I'm in an abusive relationship. How can I write safely?
Kindle Scribe allows you to write the story using your Amazon account, so the writing is password protected. Kindle Scribe can be purchased through Amazon, and they have a payment plan option allowing anyone to afford it.


Can I write a story while in an abusive relationship?
Yes, but make sure you seek counseling first. Contact your local domestic abuse center or crisis center for assistance. Your safety should be the priority.

I'm interested in Writing Club Partnership. How can we do this?
Contact the Author using the contact us page with club information, contact person's name with email and phone number, and the organization's name and address.


When will writing become perfect?
Writing is an ongoing process that requires edit beyond what you can see. It requires others to read it to see if your words are well understood. It is a team effort process. This is why we have editors to help you get things done. 


Is the Invisible Woman real or an imagination?
The Invisible Woman is real. She is alive and known by different people around the globe. 


Can I meet the Invisible Woman?
For safety reasons, the Invisible Woman is not going to be available for in-person public viewing. We will schedule a time sometime later this year for chosen few to talk to her directly with the author as translator. The chosen few will be given the experience of how the invisible power works.