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The following books are considered low content because you need to write on it. They are similar to a journal.

The Promise Notebook (Paperback, Hardbound)

The Notebook is a Journal designed to help you release the information for mental and emotional well-being.

The best option to faster recovery is writing on the printed version. However, to accommodate requests for digital format, it is being made available through Kindle Scribe Write Only. Whatever version you decide to use, handwriting the information is a requirement to give you the best experience. See limited view of content.

The Notebook is designed to help anyone write a story. You do not need to be a professional writer to write the story but you do need to be able to tell the story with full details. The Promise Notebook contains the format needed to create the story in details. All you need to do is follow the different steps to complete the story to be worthy of publishing without any writing experience.

Start by writing it for healing. Then keep it to yourself if you choose not to share. If later you decide to share, the publisher will assist in editing.

Rules to successful publication:

  1. In order for the story to be published, you need to write one story per notebook to give the publisher the opportunity to complete it for you. If you mix the stories in one notebook, it will not be published. 
  2. Do not give real names of people or companies for respect purposes. 
  3. Start by writing the story for you. Then read it to see if you missed anything. 
  4. If stressed or feeling down, play the meditation video. It will help ease your mind and help you complete the story. 
  5. If feeling overwhelmed - pause. Continue writing another day. The timing to finish the story will happen whenever you're ready. 
  6. Once you complete the story, send message to the publisher.

Advantages of writing in paper:

  • The writing method where your hand touches the pen/pencil connects the brain to your method allowing the brain to function better specifically to you.
  • It allows the brain to hang your memories on.
  • It allows you to see what your unmet needs are.
  • See life differently so you are not stuck in your thoughts.
  • Have peace on how you can move forward.
  • It allows you to track progress over time as you read it repeatedly.
  • Bring silence into your life, which makes your brain function better.
  • Unpacks your dilemma and makes sense of your emotions.
  • It allows your heart and mind to bring honesty and help you find authenticity.
  • It helps you write a letter to someone without sending the letter. In addition, the process helps clarify emotions.
  • You can log your dreams to help you understand your feelings.
  • Allow you to re-live the important moments of your life.
  • Move on from what’s holding you back by writing it all in raw form.
  • Find understanding and forgiveness.
  • Make better decisions and choices in life moving forward.
  • The details you put in this book will allow you to publish your story should you later decide to share it to inspire the world.

Find Your North (Paperback)

Life can sometimes be challenging to the point where quitting seems like the only choice.

Do you catch yourself saying "If only...". "I wish I had another choice...", "I'm anxious...", "If only everyone is mindful of their actions and words, this day would be better...". How many times have you said that to yourself?

To make your journey better begins with finding the root cause of what's causing the hurdles. That includes participating in it, becomng part of it, in it by no choice (counseling order), or being taught wrong. 

This book is meant to guide you in discovering your hurdles so you can make informed decisions, have a happier journey, andd turn around life in ways you deserve sooner. 


The Promise Garden (Paperback, Hardbound)

"The Promise" talks about a home that God selected for Marie to move into. In that home is where the simplest but most relaxing garden is found. Those who knew of this house like to hang out endlessly in the backyard for days if they could because there is something about it that makes them feel so peaceful. They tried to replicate the garden but could not replicate the peace they seek to feel so they asked Marie to help them by revealing the secret. This guidebook was designed from that request not only to help those who knew of the garden but to also encourage others to do the same so they don't have to travel far to find peace and relaxation while having harvest year-round. 

There is no such thing as a brown thumb. If you give it a try, experiencing the peace and miracle from nature becomes possible. 


Additional books are in the works and should come out in few months.
Published books in different languages will be available soon. Thank you for being patient.