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This is a story between two gifted humans. One has random visions, while the other has power anytime she needs it. She can travel places without being seen, but you can hear her to know this is a real human. Read their story as their power gets stronger over time. Discover the changes they brought to the lives of others in every series.

Paperback  Kindle  (Audible coming soon)

The Promise I is the story from the beginning of the promise to the end of life by one of the main character. Story consists of their 18-year journey together.
Now available in Audible version. 

The Promise II consists of all things discovered post the passing of the main character. Discover the many hidden secrets beyond Marie's imagination. Discover the boundless love the mighty one brings to our life. The story does not seem to end in mystery. Due to popular request, this story is in the process of being turned into film for the world to watch. 

The Promise III is in progress. To be released once Marie has finalized her decision. This version will conclude the future of The Promise.


(coming soon around end of August 2024)

Set of 3 books
Learn: to understand the importance of analysis method
Guide: for daily use and exam preparation
Practice Cases: awareness and how to solve the case

True to life stories about workplace issues around the globe and the solution needed to deliver impartial results.
Discover the power of the pen and what happens when the power is disregarded.
Software will be available early 2025.